A good hotel feels like a home – Opus Hotel, Vancouver


After spending a week in Paris at a trade-show as part of my training for the new job, yesterday I safely landed in Vancouver. Not having proper access to Internet forced me to make a break in blogging about my new adventures. But I promise to fill you in on Paris with pictures and impressions very soon.

Vancouver greeted me with rainy-grainy weather, but nevertheless I loved the Yaletown district I am staying in. It is funny that my very loved spacious London Canary Wharf appears to be very “Canadian”. Yes, Vancouver and Canary Wharf are very similar in visual balance and planning (wide parallel streets), which has its roots in common history. Both are lovely, surrounded by water.

Opus hotel Vancouver

My hotel here is very comfy and cosy. I adore the small sofa for reading, fresh flowers and drinking water in my room. Apart from other small details that add up to home feeling.

Looking forward to my first day at Avigilon office tomorrow!


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    • Это просто самая симпатичная фотография из всех, что я нашла. И собака мне на ней особенно понравилась. Так что нет, дорогая, мужики здесь отдельно от отелей.

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